[Vietnam/Hanoi] How to walk from Noi Bai Airport to nearby hotels [Conclusion: You can walk easily]

Vietnam/Hanoi solo trip

Hotels near Noi Bai Airport receive many reviews on many websites, such as there are no sidewalks'' andthe sidewalks are difficult to understand.”

I once got tricked into taking a taxi because I didn’t know where to walk.

But don’t worry. You can easily walk there.

I have stayed in Hanoi for 10 days in the past and stayed at hotels near Noi Bai Airport twice, so in this article I will explain how to walk to the hotel area around the airport.


Rough route

The distance from the airport to the hotel is approximately 1 km, approximately 15 minutes on foot.

Therefore, if you want to save money, walking is recommended.

Although it looks like a straight line on the map, the actual route is a little complicated, so please note the following three points.

  1. Exit Noi Bai International Airport and walk to the right.
  2. [Most important] Cross the bridge that you can see on your right.
  3. Go to the right end of the toll booth

You may have to walk on the side of the road several times, but don’t worry, you rarely walk on sidewalks in Vietnam.

Exit Noi Bai International Airport and walk to the right.

When you exit the airport, there will be a road on your right, so keep going straight.

A sidewalk will appear, but if you go straight it will come to a dead end, so walk on the left path.

It may be scary at first, but you will gradually get used to it.

Transportation in Vietnam is not very well developed, so most people walk on roads even in tourist areas.

In order to get to your destination, you may have to walk on the road, or you may have to take a road without traffic lights, which trains your mental strength.

Please rest assured that the sidewalk will be restored.

[Most important] Cross the bridge that you can see on your right.

After walking for a while, you will see a bridge, so cross it.

If you go straight on the sidewalk, there will be a sign prohibiting walking, so be careful not to go straight on the sidewalk by mistake.

The first day I arrived in Hanoi, I didn't notice this bridge because it was dark at night.
As I continued walking, I saw a toll booth for cars, so I was surprised and turned back.
As a result, I got scammed by a taxi.

Once you cross the bridge, there is a footpath, so keep going straight.

Go to the right end of the toll booth

After that, you will see a toll booth for cars, but don’t worry about it and just go through it.

Of course, since you are a pedestrian, there is no charge.

By the way, if you just walk on the sidewalk instead of crossing the bridge, you will be walking from the Akamaru path.

There is a sign prohibiting walking here, so be careful not to make the mistake.

After passing the toll gate, please continue straight ahead.

The sidewalk will disappear again, but don’t worry about it and just walk on the road.

Occasionally a taxi will approach you, but you can refuse or ignore it.

From here you can see the food stalls lining the sidewalk.

You can walk on the sidewalk, or if you don’t like being talked to, you can continue walking on the road.

We arrived at the hotel safely.

I have also been a victim of taxi scams in the past, so I wrote this article because I don’t want others to have the same experience.

We hope this article will help you enjoy your trip to Hanoi even more.